Unique audience targeting

A digital communication channel.
More than 1 million visa applicants per year.

Unique audience targeting
A digital communication channel.
More than 1 million visa applicants per year.
We love questions. For quick communication from 9:00 to 19:00.
Mobile First Web Service
Effective engagement of leads.
Place-Based Digital Network
Maximum engagement of the target audience.
Omnichannel is the key to success!
Omnichannel is the key to success!
Right Place
Visa.TV — smart step in digital
Visa Center Media Ukraine LLC is the exclusive media partner of VFS Global in 17 visa application centres.

VFS Global is the world's largest operator in visa service outsourcing for embassies and diplomatic missions.
Right audience
Reaching relevant audience.
Real people — no bots, no fraud.
Unique audience, that is hard to find online.
Target audience who have high purchasing power.
They are active smartphone and mobile application users.
> 1 mln
unique visa applicants per year
> 80%
of long-term visas to Poland
Ukrainians working abroad transferred a record $15.8 billion to Ukraine in 2019.
World Bank data, page 29

In 2021 the significant increase of Ukrainian labor force is expected after quarantine in 2020.
A unique audience composition.
Right Message
42 large diagonal video screens
75'' — 190 cm — 4K
65'' — 165 cm (Full HD)
55'' — 139 cm (Full HD)
15 seconds
is the optimal amount of time for an advert.
12 / hour, 96 / day
Your video would be shown 12 times an hour, or 96 times a day.
88 000 impressions / month
More than 88,000 impressions of your video during the advertising campaign.
20 guaranteed impressions
The average time spent in Visa Application Centres is 1:30-2 hours, which guarantees 20 impressions of your content to each of the visa applicants
8:30 — 16:30
Visa application centres are open at standard business hours.
Eye contact
Smartphone integration
Target lead
Eye contact
Smartphone integration
Terget lead
an innovative service for moving media space from offline to online.
an unique web-based messaging directory that will make video content work and turn video impressions into online leads.
No need to wait for video replay, just scan QR code located in various locations throughout Visa Center and receive all information on your mobile.
Trust and responsibility are our main watchwords!
Online control of all servers, remote content updating and software settings.
A call center is available to inform us of any malfunctions (from 8:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week).
Custom software. Continuous product improvement.
A replacement fund for each part of our systems is also available.
Monitoring advertising campaigns through our own cloud storage, as well as storing impression reports.
Any piece of equipment will be replaced as required in the shortest possible time (within 5 days across Ukraine).
And that's not all …
Content verification
We have implemented access for our advertising partners, which allows you to verify and control your video content based on the LG Super Sign Service.
Each of our partners has individual access, which allows you to confirm the start of the advertising campaign using the web service of the screen manufacturer.
Access to LG super sign service for each client.
Display of all 42 video screens and promotional content online.
Real-time control of advertising content.
Other advertising events
Other advertising events in VFS Global Visa Centres require coordination with the head office (this can take up to 2 weeks). Further to this, a number of advertising campaigns will require additional approval from diplomatic missions and embassies.
Your name
Prices and presentation materials
— media plan, address program, screen diagonals, report sample
Contact us
We work in business hours from 9:00 to 19:00.
We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Should any arise or you would be interested in cooperating with us, send us an application.
Office adress
Kiev, st. Grushevsky 28/2
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